Why Give?

Silliman University (SU) isa testimony that one gift can make a difference.

SU stands as a legacy of one man who made a generous donation: Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, who gave $10,000 in 1899 for the US Presbyterian Mission to start a school in the Philippines. Today, SU is recognized as one of the best institutions of higher learning and of the Christian faith in the Philippines and the world.

Since that first donation, the University has been the recipient of several generous donations and gifts made by loyal alumni and friends. It has earned the trust of donors, sponsors, and partners through its reputation of high-quality programs, worthwhile and meaningful projects, and professional handling of funds. Supported by donations and gifts, the University has been able to continue providing quality education and to grow as an institution despite the myriad challenges it has encountered.

SU’s donors share in the heritage of Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman—a most meaningful and enduring gift that continues to change people’s lives and make their dreams a reality through Silliman education.

By donating to any of the University’s projects and programs, you can:

Give back.

Everyone is welcome to join the University in extending help to where it is needed the most. Your donations will help Silliman improve the quality education it provides.

Change lives.

In SU, one simple act of generosity goes a long way. Projects and programs are designed to make the most positive impact to those who benefit from these. As a donor, you become a partner of SU in mobilizing efforts for communities, including those beyond the campus.

Leave a legacy.

Investing in education means investing in the youth—our hope and our future. When you support the University, you take part in SU’s mission of shaping socially responsible citizens with a deep sense of justice and compassion, and a strong faith in God. This will be your legacy.

support silliman's development

Silliman University (SU) utilizes donations to pursue advancement opportunities that are consistent with its mission, vision, and goals.


The following institutional advancement principles outline the University’s framework and guidelines of all activities or engagements undertaken by private individuals, alumni, corporations, foundations, government, and non-government groups or organizations.

  • The University recognizes the importance of good relations with its students, staff, faculty, community, and other constituencies and considers them as invaluable assets. The University understands its sectarian identity as a Christian institution and its guiding principles of “Via, Veritas, Vita” as the foundation of all advancement programs.
  • The University aims to pursue advancement opportunities that are consistent with its mission, vision, and goals.
  • The University understands that there are possible financial gains in some opportunities and therefore require a high sense of accountability and transparency.
  • The University upholds all ethical considerations in all its relations and activities with alumni and friends. All sectors are thus enjoined to be guided by the ethical responsibilities in their activities in seeking support or assistance for the University and its educational or co-curricular programs.
  • The University recognizes its inherent ability to refuse any offer of support that would put at risk the financial, legal or moral integrity of the University or adversely impact the University’s standing and reputation in the community.
  • The University aspires to maintain high standards of responsible stewardship with all partners and friends. 


The University, through the Development Division, seeks to promote and build understanding, lasting relationships, and inspired philanthropic support and other opportunities that will strengthen the vision, mission, and goals (VMGs) of the University as a leading Christian institution of learning.


Office of the Vice President for Development 
3rd Floor, Leopoldo Ruiz Hall, Silliman University
Tel. No. 422-6002 local 224
Email: [email protected]

be one of our donors

Donors are a valuable source of strength for any university.

Donors are a valuable source of strength for any university. SU has been fortunate to have generous and loyal donors who, with their generosity and commitment, have enabled it to deliver quality education and grow as an institution through the decades. SU acknowledges and appreciates donations and gifts in various ways, notably the induction to the Order of Horace Brinsmade Silliman, naming of facilities in honor of the donors, and plaques of recognition, among many others:​