Scholarships are for students who wish to obtain an education at SU who are academically deserving though financially challenged. The scholarships may cover the full cost of education or may be a subsidy to assist in the following costs:

a. Tuition fee
b. Miscellaneous fees
c. Board and Lodging
d. Book allowance
e. Stipend
f. Transportation allowance

Scholarships may be funded on a regular basis (i.e. annually, every semester) or through an endowment fund, from which only the earnings from the fund is used for the scholarship. (To learn more about endowment funds, click here.)

Scholarships may be designated or undesignated.

Designated Scholarship

These are scholarships that carry names of donors, or individuals in whose honor the scholarships are named, and are awarded according to the stipulations set by the donors, including specific courses that the applicants must be enrolled in.

Undesignated Scholarships

These are scholarships that also carry names of donors, or individuals in whose honor the scholarships are named, but are open to all students enrolled in any course in the University.

Selection process

Scholarships that are available for the coming school year are announced in May of the current year. The application period starts in June and ends on July.

Applications are submitted to the Student Scholarship and Aid Division (SSAD) of the Office of Student Services, Silliman University.

The application documents are checked by the SSAD to determine if all the requirements have been submitted. Applicants who have submitted all the required documents are called for a qualifying exam. Qualified applicants are then called to a panel interview by the University’s Student Aid Committee (SAC).

The scholarships are awarded to the applicants after deliberations by the SAC. Scholars are formally informed of the scholarship awarded to them before the regular enrollment period of the ensuing school year.

Basic Scholarship Stipulations

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The University awards the following scholarships, grants and other types of assistance to deserving students based on merit and/or need.

A. Grants-In-Aid 

Grants-In-Aid is a form of financial assistance given to qualified students to help meet their financial requirements in the University. These are given to students who have been in Silliman for at least a semester. Consideration is given to students with a QPA of at least “2.0” or better, and who have made reasonable efforts to meet their financial needs through self-support. These are:

  1. Aid to Athletes
  2. Aid to Dance Troupe Members
  3. Aid to Band Members
  4. Aid to Campus Choristers Members
  5. Aid to Children of UCCP Ministers 
  6. id to Children of AFP Personnel and Veterans (PD 577)


B. Portal Scholarship

The Portal Scholarship is a tuition and work grant that assures graduation to students who maintain high academic standing. Recipients are incoming first year students belonging to the top 5 of their graduating class. It provides a tuition discount of 75%. Recipients are required to serve a minimum of 10 hours per week as a student assistant to supplement the assistance from the University. In addition to the grant, recipients are given priority in accommodation in the Cooperatives Dorm, should the need arise, to help them maintain affordable living standards until they finish their degree. To qualify for the grant in the succeeding semesters, the student must maintain a TQPA of “2.75”. Recipients are enrolled in priority courses determined by the Scholarships and Aid Committee; excluded from this scholarship are students enrolled in Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, Nursing and Accountancy. 


The Dreamkeeper Project

In order to ensure unhampered learning opportunities amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Silliman University has shifted to an Online Distance Learning (ODL) approach to teaching-learning. This brings classrooms to the homes of students by administering synchronous and asynchronous activities virtually for at least the first semester of SY 2020-2021.

ODL significantly benefits students but it also poses some financial challenges to some, particularly to students who, without the support of scholarships, would not have been able to study in Silliman. One of the primary requirements of ODL is internet connectivity. With the majority of the scholars coming from humble backgrounds, this requirement puts additional pressure on their families around this time when household incomes have been affected due to loss of jobs and livelihood.

It is for the purpose of providing internet connectivity to scholars that the Dreamkeeper Project was developed – an initiative to help keep dreams together.

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Interested donors are encouraged to get in touch with the Office of the Vice President for Development at [email protected], or +63 998 966 4893 for inquiries.