Open Giving

Donors may give to the University Development Fund through the “Open Giving“ initiative. Silliman alumni and friends can give any amount to the Fund. Regular donations in small amounts will be appreciated. Donations may be given in cash, check, bank draft, or through an online facility being developed. Donors shall receive official receipts and formal acknowledgment letters signed by the President.

University Development Fund

Contributions of donors will be pooled together and used for identified priority needs of the University, as such needs are identified and prioritized through wide participatory processes in SU. This is unlike the traditional mode of giving, where the giver donates for a certain project, which may be an identified need of a specific academic unit, but does not rank high in the overall prioritization and thrusts of the University.

Quarterly reports will also be accessible to donors on this website. Names of donors will also be published here, but they can also choose not to have their donations announced publicly.

Interested donors are encouraged to get in touch with the Office of the Vice President for Development at [email protected], or +63 998 966 4893 for inquiries.