Human Resource Development

These include program development, capacity-building for faculty and staff, support for instructional materials development, spiritual enrichment, and training outreach programs to enhance academic instruction, provide field experience to students and faculty, or improve support services.

Faculty Development

To enable Silliman to continue to be at the forefront of higher education, the University is continuously upgrading the academic credentials and qualifications of faculty.

This program is geared towards sending faculty for doctoral, post-doctoral studies, and further training to improve competencies as the University addresses the challenges of the new tertiary education requirements and the ASEAN integration. 

Donations for faculty development are an investment on faculty scholars that will allow the University to open new programs with qualified faculty with masters and doctoral degrees, and be competitive in the educational milieu. 

Faculty development also include Professorial chair awards given to faculty members to recognize their achievements in the academe. These aim to encourage the faculty to advance knowledge and learning in the various fields and disciplines. Regular members of the faculty are eligible for nomination for the awards and are evaluated for outstanding achievements in teaching – intellectual productivity and service to the university and the larger community.

Staff Development Fund

A top university needs highly skilled and competent staff. The staff development fund will support continuous up-trainings and retooling programs. Among those recently implemented is the retooling program which was undertaken primarily by the College of Computer Studies and the Human Resource Department. Staff were oriented on the various online platforms that are now in use. This needs to be continued as new technologies and more productive modes of service delivery emerge. The Staff Development Fund will also help staff obtain further studies to improve skills and competencies. 


Junior Research

A fund to encourage research among junior faculty was established by the University to develop their skills and enhance their track records in order to gain experience and in time make more formal research proposals for public funding. This is intended to nurture a culture of research and publication among the next generation of University faculty. It is worthy to note that in 2011, the University was designated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a research university and a member of the Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNet).

Interested donors are encouraged to get in touch with the Office of the Vice President for Development at [email protected], or +63 998 966 4893 for inquiries.