Cultural and Faith Enrichment Programs

Silliman University Church

Donations, tithes and offerings to the Silliman University (SU) Church are used to fund various programs serving the students, faculty, staff, alumni, families and communities.

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Memory Wall

The Memory Wall stands as a testament to the life well-lived of our loved ones who had spent their educational years in Silliman. It showcases in stone slabs names of Sillimanians who have gone ahead of us but whose impact in our lives remains strong. Corresponding each name is the program our loved one undertook and the year it was completed or last attended. It also supports the faith journey of Silliman University. Proceeds from the Memory Wall go towards enabling the University to carry out its faith-nurture activities both on campus and in the community, in partnership with the Silliman University Church.

SU Vice President for Development Prof. Jane Annette L. Belarmino described the project as “a celebration of life,” “a testament of love” and a “commitment of faith.” She explained that the Memory Wall does not only honor loved ones and the legacies that they have left behind; it also enables the University to sustain its Christian ministry. 

Alumni and other members of the Silliman community who are commemorating the memories of their loved ones by having their names etched in the Memory Wall help the University generate the needed funds to maintain its continuing support for the Silliman University Church, its pastors, and faith-strengthening initiatives in the community. 

The Alumni and External Affairs Office continues to campaign for the Memory Wall. We are inviting you to join us in an initiative that celebrates the memory of our loved ones who cherished their connection to Silliman, and support the faith ministry of the University.

May the Memory Wall help capture both our memories of our loved ones and the very vision and mission of Silliman University that they have, in large part, embraced and breathed life into.

Inquiries on the Memory Wall project can be sent to: [email protected]


Silliman University Divinity School

The Silliman University Divinity School strives to continue being a place of academic excellence, spiritual growth, and ministerial formation. For 100 years, the Divinity School has built leaders, nurtured scholars, and equipped the Church for the Christian mission.

Today, the Divinity School is facing a myriad of  issues to which it must respond. These issues are hindering the capacity of the Divinity School to serve its intended goal of providing sustainable and relevant theological education at the highest level in the Philippines.

Most of the issues are numerous residual effects brought by the perpetual cycle of poverty in the Philippines. These external factors incapacitate internal factors in the Divinity School.

Below are ways in which donors and friends of the University can support the Divinity School’s programs:

Infrastructure Development

Faculty Development


Academic Resource and Facility Development

Culture and Arts Academic Initiatives

Silliman University strives to be able to turnover graduates who are creative critical thinkers, transformative Christian witnesses, effective communicators, and independent, reflective life-long learners. Hence, the University provides areas of engagement inside and outside the classroom that direct learning towards the attainment of these characteristics. 

To streamline this educative process, the University offers programs sponsored by the Silliman University Culture and Arts Council (SUCAC) which endeavors to put out at least (10) presentations and lectures every year to enhance the students’ guided cultural exposure and experiences of the arts.

Opportunities for student transformation can be met through engagements in both the academic and non-academic areas of education such as participating in organizations and performing groups that promote a particular discipline. Here, there is an opportunity to showcase the University’s talents and creativity during institutional functions and undertakings whether local, regional, national or international serving also as a part of the marketing, recruitment and promotion arm of the University.

To encourage and assist our students and artists to perform effectively, donations will provide resources that will meet various needs such as cost of production for concerts, uniforms and costumes, music instruments, and audio recording and video production equipment. 

The following are diverse organizations and groups that enrich the cultural life at Silliman University.

COPVA Student Organizations

Sigma Alpha Lambda is the official governing student council organization of the College of Performing and Visual Arts. 

Choral Guild is an organization for Choral Conducting majors and all choral music enthusiasts in the college and the University, The Choral Guild conducts workshops, seminars, and performances.

Piano Guild called TOCCATA (League of Pianists) is an organization for all Piano Major students and piano enthusiasts of the college and the University. Toccata aims to help not only piano students of the college but also reach out to the community by conducting workshops, masterclasses, forums, and performances.

Music Education Society is an organization of all Music Education students of the college and the University.

Artista Sillimaniana is the resident theater group of the University. Membership is through auditions and is open to all enrolled students.

Fine Arts Department Student Organization is an organization of students enrolled in the Fine Arts Department.

Performing Groups

Silliman University Campus Choristers is a mixed chorus composed primarily of students from the High School up to the Graduate level.

Silliman University Men’s Glee Club is an all-male chorus composed primarily of students from the High School up to the Graduate level. 

Silliman University Women’s Ensemble is an all-female chorus composed primarily of students from the High School up to the Graduate level. 

Silliman University Gratitude and Goodwill Ambassadors (SUGGA) is a  mixed chorus composed of students, faculty, and staff from the Silliman community. 

Silliman University Marching Band is the official marching band of the University that caters to all parades and other University official functions. 

Silliman University Concert Band is a select group/ensemble playing more serious and concert-level music. The group serves as the lab ensemble for all instrumental conducting students. 

Silliman University Jazz Band is a big-band type group mostly focused on learning and performing Jazz, ballroom, and showtime music. 

Silliman University Symphonic Orchestra is a select group of players. Performing for functions and events that require orchestral music. 

Silliman University Orkestra Sin Arco is a rondalla group that not only plays traditional Filipino music but includes the learning and performance of classical to modern repertoire. It also functions like an orchestra since it combines the use of wind and horn sections. 

Silliman University String Ensemble plays chamber music and assists the orchestra. It is open to all qualified and capable string players. 

Silliman University Dance Troupe is the official dance company of the University performing for important events, functions, and concerts. The membership process requires an audition.

Silliman University Covenant Choir is an academically based chorus that assists in the services of the Silliman University Church. 


Know more about Culture and Arts initiatives in SU:

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SU College of Performing and Visual Arts Extension Program


Interested donors are encouraged to get in touch with the Office of the Vice President for Development at [email protected], or +63 998 966 4893 for inquiries.